Non Benzidine Direct Dyes

Non Benzidine Direct Dyes are used for coloring viscose, silk and cotton fabrics. Offered in liquid and powder forms, these dyes are reckoned for their excellent colorfast properties, bright color quality and good integrity with different dyes. Application of these dyes can be noticed in leather processing, textile and paper industries. In textile arena, these dyes are used for coloring viscose, natural silk and cotton. Known for their high strength, these industrial grade direct dyes have good water fastness level and standard wash fastness range. These Eco friendly Non Benzidine Direct Dyes have been formulated by adopting latest intermediate production method. Excellent solubility, long storage life, ease of application, impurities free content and competitive price are the main aspects of these direct dyes. Quality of these dyes has been verified on the basis of their formulation, color properties, brightness and long lastingness.

Non Benzidine Direct Dyes Features:

1) These dyes are highly soluble in water.
2) These are perfect for coloring cotton, natural silk and viscose fabrics.
3) Free from impurities and long lasting brightness
4) Excellent wash fastness, long shelf life, non toxic content and safe handling process

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