Petroleum Dyes

Petroleum Dyes are unsaturated dyes widely used for adding color to petroleum products. These dyes come with intense color, high- solubility and stability. Azo and alkyl dyes are the most popular dyes of these types. In addition to this, fluorescent dyes, ethyl dyes, etc, are also some of the forms of these dyes. These liquid solvent dyes are widely used as color additives in petroleum market such as gasoline, lubricating oils, lubricants, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, oil greases, fuel and fuel additives, biodiesel, greases, aerobatic smokes, transmission and hydraulic fuels, etc. Besides this, they are also used in candle wax, industrial writing instruments, wood stains, etc. these dyes are available in different attractive colors from red, yellow, brown, green, purple, orange to black. They are easy to use dyes available with no harmful and toxic substances to ensure maximum client satisfaction.  

Petroleum Dyes Features:

1) Easily soluble in different petroleum-based solvents
2) Strong and high stability of colors
3) Long-lasting coloring effects without any fading
4) Used for fiscal brand identification application and purpose
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