Pigment Powder

Pigment Powder is a material used to change the color of reflected light. This powder comes with excellent physical and chemical properties that make them ideal for coloring a range of materials. This is available with high tinting strength relative to the materials. In addition to this, it is available with high stability feature in solid form at ambient temperatures. It is widely used in different industrial applications from cosmetics, ink, paint, plastic, fabric, food, and other materials. Besides this, it is also used in art and painting owing to its permanence and stability factors. It is provided with excellent features of high heat stability to survive different manufacturing processes. It is also resistant to alkali or acidic materials. Besides this, it is free from any kind of impurity; hence it ensures the features of light fastness and no-toxicity.

Pigment Powder Features:

1) No sensitivity and damaging due to ultraviolet light
2) Heat stability and no toxicity
3) High tinting strength, excellent dispersion and solubility
4) Resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals
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Price: 1500 INR

cas no: 98-86-2

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