Reactive HE Dyes
Finest quality Reactive HE Dyes are extensively used for the dyeing of fabrics, such as cotton fiber and other cellulose materials, like polyester etc. These come in different shade of attractive colors. These dyes have precise composition and high fixation value.
Non Benzidine Direct Dyes
Finest range of Non Benzidine Direct Dyes are applicative for dyeing different kinds of cellulosic materials, such as viscose, cotton and silk. They are easy to apply and known for their skin friendly nature. These dyes can be obtained numerous attractive colors as per the desired needs of clients.
Pigment Powder
From the name of the product it is quite evident, that Pigment Powder are offered in powder form, which are used to develop a wide range of colors. This grade of pigment is generally made up of earth colors, iron oxide which also has some binding agents.
Solvent Colour
We are providing the finest range of Solvent Color, which easily get dissolved in organic solvents, it is not soluble water. It is applicative in coloring a varieties of objects, such as plastic materials, waxes, lubricants and various other hydrocarbon products.
Reactive Printing Dyes
Reactive Printing Dyes are available in a wide range of bright and eye catching colors or shades of colors. These have exceptional compatibility and provide excellent stability in printing color paste. These dyes have good reproducibility under various steaming conditions.
Synthetic Food Colour
Synthetic Food Color finds its applications in food and pharmaceutical industrial sector. Its usage give an uniform and deep color to the food items. A wide variety of offered synthetic color product can be obtained by our clients at pocket friendly rates.
Wood Stain Dyes
As the name of the offered coloring paints suggest that, these Wood Stain Dyes are used give a perfect color to all the wooden articles, varying from doors, windows to furniture. These dyes can be easily mixed in solvents, like water, methoxy propanol, oil, etc.
Pigment Color Paste And Emulsions
We engaged in providing the finest grade of Pigment Color Paste And Emulsions which are applicative in various sectors, varying from paint, paper, textiles to detergents and many others. These are available in bright colors and known for their temperature and chemical resistant nature.
Petroleum Dyes
Offered Petroleum Dyes find their applications in number of industrial sectors, such as wood stains, aerobatic smokes, industrial writing instruments, candle wax, fuel and fuel additives etc. These dyes are known for giving the fine smooth and long lasting impact.
Dyes Intermediates
A wide range of  Dyes Intermediates are offered by us, which are particularly found as the petroleum downstream products, which get processed and find their applications in different industries, like paints, textiles, printing, ink, paper and plastic. At economical rates these dyes can be availed by our clients.
Insect Pheromone
Because they do not kill insects, insect pheromones are not considered real "insecticides." They have an impact on insect behavior by influencing the olfactory system. In a nutshell, these volatile chemicals are adsorbed onto the surface of the antennae of the perceiving insect, which allows it to detect them.
Pheromones have the potential to be used in the management of crop plant pests. Volatility and instability are issues that crop plants face when it comes to deployment in agriculture; however, expressing genes for the production of pheromones in crop plants might alleviate these issues.

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