Reactive Cold Dyes

In textile industry, Reactive Cold Dyes are used for coloring fabrics. These organic coloring substances have excellent bonding properties and these tend to react chemically with applied surface by exchanging electrons between atoms (to be precise, this chemical reaction occurs between fiber and dye molecules). As its result, these dyes become part of fabrics that indicate about colorfast quality of colored fabric. These types of dyes are mainly applied on polyamide, protein and cellulose fibers. Reactive group of compounds present in Reactive Cold Dyes generate permanent chemical bond with applied fiber under weak alkaline dyebath. These colored compounds can also be applied on nylon and wool under weak acidic environment. Application temperature of these dyes depends on their composition and reactivity level.  These are anionic by nature and these possess excellent light and wash fastness attributes. Moreover, their cost is affordable.

Reactive Cold Dyes Features:

1) Provided organic dyes can produce multiple colors.
2) Properties of these dyes reveal best under alkaline conditions.
3) These are highly soluble in water and these have fixed temperature range.
4) Electrolyte concentration of these dyes depends on the color of these dyes.
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