Reactive Printing Dyes

Reactive Printing Dyes are acknowledged for their excellent color reproducibility level. Slight variation in their shades results in different colors. Moreover, these dyes possess unique wash fastness level which in turn helps to raise their wet fastness level. Provided dyes are considered as integral parts of digital printing process. These cost effective printing dyes have been produced as per global norms. This range of dyes shows unique fabric bonding properties.  These have huge demand in different industries for their good color build up quality, multipurpose role, compatibility with other dyes, Eco friendly content and high fixation rate. Reactive Printing Dyes are preferred over commonly used dyes for their higher rub fastness and better light fastness properties. Usually, cotton and linen fabrics are chosen to create digitally printed design by using these dyes. Steam is applied on fabric surface to enhance bonding attributes of these dyes.

Reactive Printing Dyes Features:

1) Provided dyes are used to generate digitally printed design on linen and cotton surfaces by applying steam.
2) Excellent brightness level of these dyes enhances surface quality of printed fabric.
3) Unique rub and light fastness
4) Available in different shades

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