Solvent Colour

A Solvent Color is a soluble color in organic solvents. This is used as a solution to color organic solvents, lubricants, plastics, hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, and various other hydrocarbon-based non-polar materials. As its molecules are non-polar or little polar, it never undergoes ionization. Hence, it is insoluble in water and also forms a colloidal solution in solvents. It has poor to good light fastness. This type of color is widely used for gold imitation. It is also widely used in glass coloration, marking inks, inkjet inks, etc. With superior solubility in organic solvent systems, it is used as dispersion in a water bath. This is available in pure form with low amount of impurities to meet the demands of coloration with the best results. In addition to this, it is also ideal to withstand over 350°C of temperature during different production processes. 

Solvent Color Features:

1) Can be used with a range of solid materials like acetates, PVC, acrylics, nylon, polyester, etc.
2) Ideal for rotogravure and rubber stereo printing owing to double tone effects
3) Highly stable at high-temperatures of different manufacturing processes   
4) Can be used with leather- spray finishing process
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Collodial Silver

Price: 2500.00 - 2600.00 INR/Liter
  • Usage:Other
  • Purity:1000
  • Grade:Laboratory Grade
  • Solvent Color:Clear to grayish violet colored liquid
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:4-5 Days

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