Sunfast & Non Benzidine Direct Dyes

Sunfast & Non Benzidine Direct Dyes are blended with all purpose dyes for better coloring effect. These types of dyes have combined molecular structure where more than one anionic sulfonate group of dyes can be found. Due to the presence of sulfonate group of dyes, Sunfast & Non Benzidine Direct Dyes dissolve easily in water. Provided dyes are mainly applied on cellulose based fibers that include linen, rayon and cotton.  These are also suitable for coloring leather, paper, jute and wooden item. These dyes are reckoned for their compatibility with different fabrics, pure content, unique colorfast properties and bright colors. Powder based form of these dyes easily dilute in cold water. Excellent coloring attributes, simple application process, long storage life, non toxic content, good color bonding properties, unique wash fastness and impurities free content are the key features of these dyes.

Sunfast & Non Benzidine Direct Dyes Features:

1) Excellent leveling attributes, cost effectiveness and simple application process are some of the main characteristics of these dyes.
2) Blue version of these dyes is utilized for over dying of denim.
3) High brilliance and colorfast properties
4) Available in different shades

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