Wood Stain Dyes

Wood Stain Dyes are used for coloring wooden items like furniture and handcrafted products etc. These dyes penetrate deep inside wood grains to ensure long lasting coloring effect. These oil based dyes are accessible in liquid and powder forms to suit precise application needs. These easily dilute in methoxy propanol, liquor and water. Deep penetration performance of these dyes prevents scratch marks on treated surface and ensures long lasting brightness of wooden products. These Wood Stain Dyes are especially suitable for figured or high density wood. This range of dyes has been formulated from water soluble organic substances. But, there is slight difference between stains and dyes. Pigment based stains have opaque and large particles and these do not dilute completely in solvents. On the other hand, dyes have relatively small molecules and these are readily soluble in specific solvents. 

Wood Stain Dyes Features:

1) These are generally applied on wooden surface by mixing with lacquer and other solvents.
2) These substances have excellent permeability level.
3) These have long lasting quality.
4) Cost effectiveness and solubility in particular solvents, long storage life, molecule size differs as per formulation method

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